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We can offer a comprehensive range of Paints and Colours, Local Paints produced here in Cyprus and of course the Famous Dulux Paints.

We have the specialised equipment to produce Custom Colours as well as the standard chart Colours, all of these come in Trade sizes as well as the smaller cans.

We stock both Interior and Exterior paints


Dulux is produced here in Cyprus under the Dulux License, Special formulas are used for the temperatures here. Most people like to use familiar Names as in Dulux but we do supply alternative paint if required.


Dulux Paints

Peletico is made here in Cyprus has had many years of experience in this field. A lot of local tradesman use this paint for commercial and domestic purpose, this company also supply all there own fillers etc.

Peletico Paints

We stock all of the Sadolin Range, from Stains to Varnishes.

A great brand we are all familiar with and has proved to be very good here in Cyprus over the years.

Sadolin Stains & products

All the Equipment you will need for the task of re-decorating your property.

We stock quality brushes for the professionals along with the cheaper type for just touching up here and there.

Decorators Tools